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Hoyo de Monterrey

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Established by Jose Gener in 1865, the name roughly means "valley of Monterrey," a particularly fertile site in the Vuelta Abajo, which had been farmed by Gener since at least 1860. The brand offers a lighter flavor and a wide range of sizes, the largest of which are much celebrated. The Le Hoyo series cigars was introduced about 1970 and presents a stronger flavor.

Double Corona 

Gauge: 49

Length: 7⅝”

Epicure Especial

Gauge: 50

Length: 5½”

Epicure No. 1 

Gauge: 46

Length: 5⅝”

Epicure No. 2

Gauge: 50

Length: 4⅞”

Coronations AT

Gauge: 42

Length: 5”

Le Hoyo de Rio Seco 

Gauge: 56

Length: 5½”

Le Hoyo de San Juan 

Gauge: 54

Length: 5⅞”

Palmas Extra

Gauge: 40

Length: 5½”

Petit Robusto

Gauge: 50

Length: 4″